The Robben Island crossing is regarded as one of the toughest open water swims in the world.

Cold water, apex predators, swimming through a busy shipping lane, big swells and wind whipped seas are some of the challenges awaiting the oceanswimmers who want to tackle one the world’s iconic open water swims.


This particular swim is considered the “Everest” of every open water swimmer in South Africa.


The swim offers an unparalleled challenge to open water swimmers in South Africa and around the world. It combines the beauty and challenge of Robben Island and Table Mountain, both world-renowned sites.

The swim brings together a unique mix of athletes, elite swimmers, and regular cold-water swimmers, young and old from all over South Africa.

The swim is done in the water channel between Robben Island and Big Bay mainland.

The main extreme factor for open water swimmers is the water temperature which is usually around 13C / 55.4F.

Since it is open to the vast Atlantic Ocean, swimmer frequently experience swell and chop similar to the English Channel.